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I’ve met many people who’ve made some pretty brazen claims over the years. Todd Davis is right up there near the top. Here’s a written portion of my 2006 story when I interviewed Davis: “(Me) Within minutes of meeting him, Todd Davis shocked me. He gave me the password to his identity. And he wants to give it to you as well. (Davis) My social security number is 457-55-5462.” Since then, you’ve… Read More

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A status update. A tweet. Simple things that could put you at risk. A new survey says millions of users of social networking sites leave themselves vulnerable to identity theft, cybercrimes, and even home invasions. The Consumer Reports survey found: 52% of social networkers have posted potentially risky information on the web within the past year. And many of them don’t even know it. 9% say they fell prey to some sort… Read More

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Tax Day is now behind us. What a relief! But now we have a pile of paperwork and receipts. It can be tempting to toss out the tax documents you don’t need anymore. But identity thieves would love to dig through your trash to steal your personal info. Yeah, that really does happen. According to a Better Business Bureau news release: ” Last year alone, 11.1 million Americans became victims of ID… Read More

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