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I’ve come to learn boating can be a lot like golfing. You can hit a great shot and think “Hey, this is easy. I’m pretty good at it.” Then shank two shots into the water (see Sergio Garcia). A few of you have asked how our latest boating adventure went. We took it out on the lake again last weekend. I have good news. Some who know me may call it shocking… Read More

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Hope you’ve had a great Memorial Day weekend. Remember to say thanks and honor our servicemen and women past and present. That’s a picture of my dad as a young doctor during WWII. We spent a holiday weekend morning pursuing our youngest son’s latest passion… fishing. He’s getting pretty good at it. Michelle and I tagged along as Tommy fished the Illinois River just below Lake Tenkiller. It was a beautiful morning… Read More

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An oil-free, drama-free day on the beach in Destin. At least for the beaches near us. That TV news satellite truck I wrote about yesterday, the one that parked in our condo complex lot , left around 10:30 last night. Presumably right after the 10 o’clock news, and presumably to head west of here where some beaches are closed. Here’s a report from A six mile stretch of Florida coastline is… Read More

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