About Mark


I’ve been a television news anchor and reporter for more than 30 years. Right now I’m the primary anchor at KTUL-TV in Tulsa, Ok. I’ve lived and worked all over the country: Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Las Vegas, and most recently in Tulsa. I love to write about what you don’t see every night on the news. Not everything can fit in a 30 minute newscast.


You’ll also read and see pictures of my crazy life. My wife, three boys and many dogs give me plenty of material. It’s a behind-the-scenes and sometimes bizarre glimpse of my life. You could call it anchor unplugged! Enter if you dare.


3 Comments on “About Mark

  1. My how your family has grown! Cris,Christopher,and I still live in Williamsburg, Va. Just was thinking of you guys and found your website.Rachel got married last year. She and her husband live in West Point, Va. Christopher will be 13 on Friday. You and Michelle look great. Tell her I said hi. Miss everyone in Oklahoma. I lived there for 47 years of my life. Hope to come back that way some day. Patricia Craft

  2. Hi Mark, too bad you are stuck in Oklahoma while I’m living in the Sierras! You’ve gone a long way since our roomy days in the dorms at Biola. I don”t ski but run all over the summits. Nice to see ya! Randy Rapetti

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