Are you serious? You want me to work with my wife?


I emceed two events last week. If I was counting, that adds to the hundreds of work, community, school, church and charitable events I’ve done in my career. But something stood out at one of the events last week above all the others. Most have become a blur in my memory. This one I’ll always remember. It’s the first one I’ve emceed with my wife, Michelle. Oh boy!

I’ve joked for years that I’ve had many “wives”. I call them my TV “wives”. Some are quick marriages, other lasted years. All of them are arranged marriages. We work together for a while, appear in promos together, anchor the bizarre and big stories together (at the desk and on-location), and our pictures have even been on billboards and satellite trucks together. And of course, we’ve emceed countless events together over the years.


I really can’t remember all their names. Sorry. I know. Bad “husband”.  However, I can remember a few of the crazy on-air moments with some of them. Although I can’t for the life of me recall the name of one co-anchor in particular (one of many during the 80’s), I’ll never forget what happened at the beginning of our first newscast together.  A brand new news team about to be unveiled. There was plenty of  hype leading up to it.  But the marriage was doomed from the start. As the news open is running, the announcer punctuating the names of the newlyweds, and right before it comes out to us to say “Good evening”, and deliver the hard-hitting news of the day…. my co-anchor goes completely under the news desk to find or retrieve something (don’t read into that).  I mean, she completely disappears.  Our viewers see just me for those first few seconds, then see her head pop up from under the desk.  What do you say when something like that happens?  I can’t remember.  Maybe a good thing.  That “marriage” didn’t last long enough for a divorce. It was annulled.

Michelle and I will be married 25 years in a few months. My job has moved us to cities all over the country, from coast to coast.  One place we loathed (and escaped within a year), another place we called fantasy land (Las Vegas). Along the way, we had three boys (all in different states).  With a quarter of a century under our belts you’d think we’ve experienced everything together.  But there was something missing. We had never worked together. I’ve been a news anchor and reporter for nearly 35 years, she’s been a successful realtor the past 15. Professionally, she did her thing, and I did mine. That changed last week.


When Michelle mentioned to me a few weeks ago that we were asked to emcee a fashion show together, I thought, “That’ll be interesting.” The fashion show was put on by a Tulsa realtors group so at least Michelle was among people she knew. But she was still sweating bullets. Once the event got underway though, she acted like a real pro. In fact, we looked and sounded like we’ve been performing together for years … which we have, come to think of it. Without any rehearsing, our act didn’t miss a beat. Here’s a few  exchanges while waiting for the next model to walk down the runway:

  • Me: I’m so excited today.
  • Her: Why’s that?
  • Me: I’ve done hundreds of these types of events over the years, and this will be the first one I get to take my co-emcee home with me.

Or this one:

  • Me: Many of you know we’re nearly 11 years apart in age. Bet you can’t tell who’s older.
  • Her: I think it’s fairly obvious.
  • Me: Okay, I’ll admit I’m older.
  • Her: You sure are.
  • Me: We met on a blind date while I was in college.
  • Her: I don’t think that’s how it happened. That would be impossible.
  • Me: Maybe I’m a little confused.
  • Her: Or old. One thing I’ve never had to worry about during our marriage.
  • Me: What’s that?
  • Her: Running out of make-up. I always know I can borrow some from you.


She can really dish it out. Of course, she has 25 years of material to work with. Uh oh. That could spell trouble the next time we work together. T-R-O-U-B-L-E indeed!

Here are a couple raw video clips from the fashion show:



One Comment on “Are you serious? You want me to work with my wife?

  1. Mark, this husband and wife “act” could be something lucrative that you could do in retirement—–a comedy act. I’m sure it would succeed!

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