Ortiz Selfie: Spontaneous or Stunt?





Was the leader of the free world duped on April Fools Day? Tricked by a baseball player and cell phone company? On Tuesday the Boston Red Sox visited the White house to get congratulated by President Obama for their 2013 World Series win. During the ceremony Sox slugger David Ortiz whipped out his phone and shot a selfie with POTUS.*  An impromptu moment or promotional stunt? Yahoo Sports is reporting that Ortiz claims it wasn’t a paid stunt.

But Samsung, the maker of Ortiz’s phone, said it was part of an ad campaign. Ortiz had just signed a promotion deal with Samsung, before his White House visit. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Was the president suckered into appearing in his ad? The White House press secretary says Obama wasn’t aware of the marketing stunt. Ortiz tweeted the picture to his followers. It was then resent by tens of thousands on Twitter. Samsung retweeted the photo as an ad.

Remind anyone of Ellen DeGeneres’ celebrity-happy selfie from the Oscars?*  Samsung, the world’s largest maker of smartphones, just happened to be an Oscars sponsor. See a trend here?


*Caution: Both photos may have been tampered with a bit (either that or I get around a lot)!

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