Selfies Study: Grown-Up Men Take A Lot of Photos of Themselves


The Oscars were on ABC last night. I work for an ABC affiliate, but did I get invited? Well, maybe I did. Move over Jennifer Lawrence. I’m getting in that selfie!


Ellen DeGeneres grabbed a bunch of celebs at the Academy Awards show for a record-breaking selfie. At last count, the picture (with Jude Law instead of me in it) was re-tweeted three million times. The previous record was held by President Obama’s “Four More Years” tweet on the night of his re-election.


Speaking of POTUS and selfies, remember the one he took at Nelson Mandela’s memorial with the Denmark prime minister? Doesn’t look like FLOTUS was amused. But apparently, the president is on to something. A new study found that women take more selfies than men, but only to a point, or age-point. After 40, it reverses, with men over that age snapping more selfies than women over 40.

Surprised? Thought selfie-ing was more of a female thing, no matter the age? I’m not. I’ve always loved to do those arm extended photos because I usually have the longest arm and it’s the only way I can get in the picture. You know what they say, photographers never get their picture taken.

Here are a few of my recent selfies. Feel free to tweet them out. I’m looking to break Ellen’s record.










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