UFOs and Little Green Men: All in a Day’s Work!


A few months ago I was at a high school football game watching my youngest boy play. A couple of my good friends (husband and wife) sat down next to me. We usually watch the game and talk a little football. You know, the normal stuff at football games. But that night our conversation was anything but normal. It was downright eerie.

UFO sighting

I tried to watch my son play, but all my friends wanted to talk about was the UFO they recently saw in the skies above their home. They swear they spotted a light that appeared to be hovering above the trees. At first, they thought it must have been a plane on approach to Tulsa’s airport, but then it dipped out of sight, re-appeared, then shot forward. They got in their car and tried to follow it, but eventually lost sight of it. But not before they snapped some photos of whatever it was they saw.

“What are you smoking?”

By now I gave up trying to watch the game. I was hooked. My son could have intercepted a pass and ran it the wrong way for a touchdown and I wouldn’t have known it. I asked my friends, “What have you two been smoking?” In reality, I can vouch for their character. Both are reputable, well-respected members of the community. That doesn’t prove though that there are UFOs, but I do believe them when they say they thought they saw one. And here’s what surprised me. They are not alone. Not alone at all.

Deny, deny, deny

I did a little research and found several Websites where people can report UFO sightings. Think there’s just a few here and there? How about thousands of reported sightings every year. In Oklahoma a dozen or so every week. They can’t all be crazy, can they? I’ve never thought my friends were. So I pitched the story idea to my news director. To my surprise, he said, “Go ahead, but only if you find someone who’s spotted one AND captured it on camera. No problem, right? Wrong!

I text one of my friends with the good news. Here’s how the conversation went:

  • Me: UFO story is a go. Do you still have the pics?
  • Her: Ha! I don’t know what you are talking about!!!
  • Me: Both of you were sober when you told me about it! I think.
  • Her: I told you nothing.
  • Me: The story is for sometime in February. Would you and (her husband) be interested in helping out a poor reporter do his job? No pressure!
  • Her: Haha! Not no, but hell no.
  • Me: Chicken!! Those little green men will come looking for you in the middle of the night. Let me know if you change your minds.

They never did. Payback will sure be sweet. So my search was on to find someone else for my UFO story. If not, there would be no story. And I kept looking up until a week before the story was to air. That’s when it practically fell into my lap. I came across a YouTube video made by a Tulsa kid a couple of years ago. It was perfect! It showed something strange in the night sky, the boy in the video was beyond excited, and it was in Tulsa. That’s all I needed. One problem. I couldn’t find him, until I came across some Facebook info that he might have been a busboy at a local restaurant. I’d been to Mondo’s Italian Restaurant on Brookside with a couple of my work buddies. Great place to eat. So I called, asked if the kid worked there, and was told, “Sure that’s the son of one of the owners.” Bingo. I had a story. And here it is:

By the way, I won’t name my “friends”, but you know who you are! And those little green men know who you are too. And someday, they’ll come looking for you.

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