Shorter Movie Trailers Coming Soon to a Theater Near You (maybe)!


I usually make a promise to myself to see most of the Oscar nominated movies before the Academy Awards. I like to keep up on what people are talking about. But every year I usually break that promise because I hate seeing a movie in the theater.  There are two reasons why I’d rather see one at home instead. Now, one of my complaints is being addressed.

ANOTHER trailer? When’s the movie going to start?

Moviegoers who hate those long trailers before the feature film may get some relief soon. You know what I mean. You’re forced to sit through all those previews forever on top of having to get there way early so you don’t have to sit in the front row. It can all add an hour to an already three-hour long flick. Your giant popcorn is gone before the movie starts. The trade group representing major theater chains says it’s clamping down on the duration of movie trailers.

You have two minutes to reel me in

The National Association of Theatre Owners wants to limit the length of those trailers to two minutes. That’s down from the standard of 2 and a half minutes now. That’s not much, but a step in the right direction. I think two minutes is plenty to figure out if it’s a movie worth seeing. Unless of course all the funny lines in a movie are in the trailer. I’ve been fooled far too many times with that dirty trick.

NATO (not that one, but this one) is also asking that studios limit their trailers to no more than five months before a movie’s release. “That’s going to be a great movie. I can’t wait to see it! Oh, hold on. It says ‘Opening in the summer of 2025′” I can wait five months, not 10 years.

They get paid to write this stuff?

Shorter trailers addresses one of my complaints. That alone though won’t get me back into the theaters, however. My other beef? Wasting my time and money on poorly written movies. At home, you can turn a horrible flick off after a few minutes and turn to something a lot more interesting like vacuuming or mowing the lawn or scrubbing the toilets.

Sad thing is while a trade group’s recommendations can help shorten the length of trailers, it probably won’t do anything to encourage studios to stop making bad movies. That might take more people like me watching from my favorite chair at home.


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