Could Today Be The Most Depressing Day Of The Year?


Every year at this time, my wife and I stare at our backyard. The bare trees, brown grass, frozen ground and covered pool. Yeah, it can be a little depressing. Heck, even our dogs refuse to come out of their dog house sometimes.

Apparently we’re not alone in feeling a bit down. And especially today.  According to a study that looked at negative comments on Twitter, the first Monday after New Year’s is the most depressing day of the year. I didn’t know that. Now I’m really bummed out.

Here are a few reasons why, some more obvious than others:

  • It’s Monday. The first day back to work or school for many who’ve taken the holidays off.
  • Holidays are over. The next big holiday is 142 days away (Memorial Day).
  • Winter weather is lousy (Tulsa is hit a record low this morning of -2).
  • You may have gained a few pounds over the holidays and feel guilty.
  • New Year’s resolution are already broken.

So back to my wife and I freezing out on the back patio this time of year surveying the bleak landscape. We always tell each other that we have something to look forward to. It’ll look completely different ……. six months from now!  I’m feeling better already.

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