Former Sooners Coach Rescues Rottweiler

Courtesy KFOR

Courtesy: KFOR

We know Barry Switzer is a great coach. He led the Oklahoma Sooners to a college football national championship AND the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory. But did you know he’s also a dog lover?

Oklahoma City’s KFOR is reporting that Switzer rescued a dog from a hot car this week. The TV station got the scoop from Shanna Williams with the Canine Sports Academy in Norman. Switzer said he saw the Rottweiler in the vehicle, which had the windows down, but still felt bad for the puppy. So he grabbed the dog, found the owners and bought it from them on the spot! No word on how much he paid.

This isn’t the first time Switzer has shown compassion for a dog down on its luck (or worse).

Courtesy: KFOR

Courtesy: KFOR

Last year he doubled the reward (from $5000 to $10,000)  for information leading to the arrest of whoever was responsible in the death of a dog in Rogers County, OK. The owners found their black lab after someone apparently tied her rear legs with metal baling wire and dragged her to death behind a vehicle.

So Switzer’s latest good deed shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. After buying the Rottweiler, he took her to a vet for a complete check-up. According to KFOR’s report:

“I told the doc I want rabies shots, check for worms, everything,” Switzer said. “They even clipped the toenails so it was a pedicure for her. She went to the spa.”

Switzer says he’s going to hand-pick the new owners. Oh, he also gave her a new name… “Stella”.



Maybe it’s not too late for him to change his mind on that name. If you’ve read my recent posts here, you know  my oldest son just bought a Golden Retriever puppy.  David goes to OU and is a HUGE Sooner fan. So huge he named his puppy “Switzer”, after the famous coach. So maybe Barry should reconsider, and call his pup “Bradshaw”.  Just saying.


2 Comments on “Former Sooners Coach Rescues Rottweiler

  1. Sounds like a great idea…I like the name Bradshaw…it could totally work for boy or girl! This story just adds to the many reasons I love me some Barry Switzer!

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