Upstaged By A Mascot

Volt, Mark and Buddy

Volt, Mark and Buddy

I sure hope my boys see this. They think the ‘ol man doesn’t have it anymore. Well, I think he does.

The above picture is with my pals, Buddy Bookworm, the mascot of the Tulsa County Libraries, and Volt, who electrifies fans at the WNBA Tulsa Shock games. We always have a lot of fun when we get together to promote reading and basketball. And today we took it to a new level. After shooting a promo at the BOK Center,  I decided to take a gamble. I picked up the basketball, stepped well beyond the three-point arch, and fired away.

Channel 8 promo guru Larry Nitz had his GoPro out and running. Does this ‘ol man still have it? You be the judge.


One dribble, step up, shoot and swish. Nothing but net. I was feeling pretty good about myself, when Volt took the basketball from my hands. He stepped to half-court, turned his back to the basket and …..


Thanks for stealing the show Volt! He’s actually pretty good at it. Did you see that back flip after sinking the basket? That’s something I’ll be working on next.

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