To Catch a Thief! There’s an App for That

For years, we’ve had a lot of activity at our house.  With three boys, there’s no shortage of kids dropping in. Michelle feeds them and many stay overnight. It’s never a dull moment around the Bradshaw home. That’s the way we like it. But last week we had an unwelcome visitor. Someone invaded our privacy in the middle of the night. We don’t like that.

Sometime in the early hours of Friday morning, a thief came into our house while everyone was sleeping. We didn’t know it until later that morning when

Dropcam camera

Dropcam camera

we noticed things were missing. A laptop was gone. So was an iPhone. The iPad? That too. Add to that a debit card. All were left on the kitchen counter when we went to bed. All were gone in the morning.

We almost always lock all the doors at night. But that night the last one in, forgot to. And we paid for it. The next morning, as I walked out to get the paper, I saw a cop car down the street, and later a mobile window repair business in front of the same house. The neighbor’s car had been broken into the same night. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We called police and filed a report.

The night before the burglary, I remember watching a story on ABC News about a Washington family who had set up cameras in their house to watch their dog while they were on vacation. Instead, they watched a burglar rummaging through their garage. It was possible thanks to a $150 Dropcam camera. The homeowner told ABCNews that the camera ended up saving her and her husband a few thousand dollars in stolen items.

Here’s the story:


The camera was linked through a WiFi connection to a mobile application that sent her an alert any time motion was detected. It allowed the couple to watch as the intruder browsed through expensive bicycles and gathered valuables. They called police who arrived as the burglar was leaving. Though no thumb-Dropcam-product-iPhonearrests were made, all stolen items were recovered after the intruder made a clumsy escape.

Guess what I’m buying into? A video security system. And which one? I bought more than one Dropcam over the weekend that I’ll set up around the house. It says they’re easy to set-up and use. I’ll get alerts on my smart phone, where I can watch what’s going on at home. But here’s what sold me. Dropcam has a DVR service and will save video for up to 30 days (for a monthly fee).  It would have caught my burglar. At least on video. The cameras come in sometime this week. I’ll keep you updated on how I like them.

Oh, by the way, another thing I learned to help protect my family and property? And it’s really simple. Always lock the doors.

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