A “Pooping” Tom: Oklahoma Style!

Just a few of our West coast family (with a few Okies)

Just a few of our West coast family (with a few Okies)

I spent the last week in California visiting our West coast family and friends (some came down from Oregon as well). As usual the jokes and remarks about Oklahoma started almost as soon as our covered wagon plane landed.  Here are a couple of  examples:

  • “You have paved roads back there?”
  • “How many outhouses does your double-wide have?”
Police say the guy was hiding in the septic tank of this park restroom

Police say the guy was hiding in the septic tank of this park restroom

Real funny huh?   I don’t get angry because I know they’re just joking. I think. Most of them have never been to Oklahoma (most probably can’t even pick it out on a map). Still, the latest bizarre news out of the Sooner state just adds fuel to the comedy.

Did you hear about the guy in the septic tank?  Sounds like the start of another joke doesn’t it? But it’s no laughing matter. A Tulsa man found hiding in a septic tank under a women’s restroom has been charged as a peeping tom. Authorities say a woman and her 7-year-old daughter spotted 52-year-old Kenneth Enlow in the septic tank of a public bathroom at a park near Keystone Lake. (It just so happens that’s the lake we take our boat to all the time.)Enlow, Kenneth

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department got a call from the woman saying a man was inside the septic tank looking up at her and her daughter. Enlow, who was covered in feces, was pulled out by cops, hosed down, and hauled off to jail.  Major Shannon Clark told Channel 8 that the woman and child “were a bit annoyed that some person would go to that extent to perpetuate whatever self-gratification to what they were trying to accomplish.” And a park goer added what he thought the suspect’s punishment should be: “I don’t want to sound like a barbarian but sit in his own feces for a while because people like that sure don’t need to be running around on the street. That’s just nasty.”

I can just hear my West coast relatives now. “The pooping Tom! Yeah, he’s in Oklahoma. You know, where the Bradshaws live.”  Maybe they’ll forget about it by the next time I visit them.

Maybe not.


If you twist my arm, I’ll show you some photos from my California vacation. Ouch! Okay, here they are.


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