I Mustache You A Question

Jammin' with my DJ son Jacob!

Jammin’ with my DJ son Jacob!

I was off work last week, and did one of those “staycation” things. You know, stay home and save some money. It was great! Nice to hang around home with the family in the evenings instead of at work. Very relaxing. It also gave me the courage to try something I haven’t done since college … grow a ‘stache!


My first attempt at a ‘stache in college!

Mustaches are tough to develop when you’re on TV almost everyday, so I’ve avoided them.  But last week I thought, “What the heck, I’ll give it a go.” The reaction? Not too many people saw my attempt some 35 years ago. I did find that old photo my mom took back then. Today, with smart phones and social media, it’s easy (or painful) to get instant feedback. Here’s a sample from Facebook and Twitter:


  • “Love the stache” Marquita
  • “Funny” Tosca (What does she mean by that?)
  • “You have a mustache?” Alecia (Not a good sign.)
  • “Lmao” Stephanie (Again, not a good sign.)
  • “1980 called and they want their mustache back” Joe
  • “Whatever you say Magnum” Joe again
  • “I think it looks great Mark” Greta
  • “I’m starting a (FB) page called Bradshaw KEEP THE STACHE” Mike (He didn’t)
  • “Hmmmm” Barbara

Even my mom got in on it (I had just visited my parents in Oregon a couple of weeks before … sans ‘stache). And believe me, she’s not shy with her opinion. Did she love it? You be the judge. Here are a few of her comments on Facebook: “Don’t visit us with those hairy handles on.”  “We do have a shed (dog house).”  “Looks like an old man with a mustache.” I shot back: “Hey mom, maybe you should let dad grow one!” He’s a big boy now.  After all, he’s 91.


Sunday afternoon, with my staycation wrapping up, I was looking for the tools to make me more presentable for work on Monday. I couldn’t find my razor, my blades and my shaving cream. My oldest son, David, had hidden them. At first I thought it was because he thought the mustache looked good on me. But I think he really wanted me to look silly on TV. I scoured the house and found an old razor and blade, slapped on some soap, and shaved it off.

Hey, that's me on the Channel 8 twitter board!

Hey, that’s me on the Channel 8 twitter board!

But the mustache may be back. You’ve heard of No Shave November? That month is also a ratings period for TV. And it’s right before Anchorman 2 (Ron Burgundy) comes out. I could steal a scene from the first Anchorman movie and revise it a bit: “That’s going to do it for all of us here at Channel 8 news. You stay classy Tulsa. I’m Mark Bradshaw?”

Mom, did you type the question mark in the TelePrompter?

If you can't grow one, wear one!

If you can’t grow one, wear one!

Here’s the official Anchorman 2 trailer:


2 Comments on “I Mustache You A Question

  1. OK my turn. I love you stache or no stache. But I’m sure you remember those many camping years along the Rogue River. Each morning your dad hung the mirror on a handy nail of a nearby tree, and SHAVED!!!!!!! Yep, even on a camping vacation he was clean shaven!

    • Thanks mom for the love. I really don’t mind shaving. But you may want to avoid any pictures of me in November.

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