California Students Send Cards of Support to Oklahoma Tornado Victims


When I was in Moore, OK this week covering the tornado disaster (Moore Tornado: What Victims Need Most Is “Prayer”) I was incredibly impressed with the outpouring of love and support from fellow Oklahomans. So many people want to help the victims. The water, food and supplies poured into this devastated community.

I’m also impressed with how many people outside our state want to do what they can to help out. That includes children all over the country impacted by what they’ve seen on TV this week. For them, the tragedy hits closer to home after seeing what the EF-5 twister did to two Moore elementary schools, Briarwood and Plaza Towers. Seven of the dead were 3rd graders at Plaza Towers.


My niece Emma’s 3rd grade class in the Sacramento, California suburb of Elk Grove is one of so many classes around the country who took the time to write notes of love and encouragement to their fellow students two thousand miles away.  It may have been the most important lesson of the year for Mrs. Bryant’s students at Bradshaw Christian School (no relation). I thought I’d share a few of the 3rd graders’ cards with you before we send them on to Moore.

2 Comments on “California Students Send Cards of Support to Oklahoma Tornado Victims

  1. Great story, love how awesome kids can be. Prayers and best wished to the people in Moore!

  2. Wonderful story children speak from the heart as a great grandmother we know that to be true. Nanny & Papa Sandell

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