Anchors Away: Mother’s Day Edition


I’ve come to learn boating can be a lot like golfing. You can hit a great shot and think “Hey, this is easy. I’m pretty good at it.” Then shank two shots into the water (see Sergio Garcia).

A few of you have asked how our latest boating adventure went. We took it out on the lake again last weekend. I have good news. Some who know me may call it shocking news. We didn’t have any problems. It was quite an improvement over the first outing of the season and last summer, which I wrote about last week (Anchors Away: My Boating Adventures).


Sunday was Mother’s Day AND my youngest son’s 18th birthday. I had both Michelle and Tommy to keep happy. And both wanted to go fishing. So the four of us, including another son Jacob, got the boat out of storage and pulled it to Keystone, the closest lake to Tulsa.

The weather was warmer (70 degrees instead of 50). The fish were biting (we caught 2 this time). The boat’s bench seat cushion didn’t fly out onto the highway. The trailer didn’t come off the hitch. No dead batteries in the middle of the lake. No one ran the boat aground or bang it into the storage unit door. And Tommy actually listened to his dad when he screamed “Stop!”


So I would say we had a great time, but in golf terms, you never know where that next tee shot will go. Right Sergio?

ADDED: My condolences to the families of the two college students killed in a boating accident on Grand Lake this week. I’ve learned boating is a lot of fun, but it’s not without risk and danger. With the summer season upon us, let’s all practice safe boating. National Safe Boating Awareness Week kicks off today (May 18). Click here  for valuable, potentially life-saving information. Thank you.

Check out this video of Mother’s Day on the water:

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