Anchors Away: My Boating Adventures


Michelle was out of town last weekend, so Tommy (my youngest son) and I took our boat out for the first time this spring. If you know me, you know it’s always an adventure when we launch the yacht (okay it’s more like a 20 year old, 20 foot boat).

IMG_1256And it was no different this time. More on that in a moment, but first the back story. Michelle and I bought our first boat last summer. For years, our boys harrassed us to buy one, so we finally gave in. Neither one of us grew up around boats, so there was a lot to learn. A lot. And we (okay, I) made a lot of bonehead mistakes. Someone told me at the end of last summer that I made more boating mistakes in two months than most boaters make in 20 years. They weren’t exaggerating.


Once I forgot to latch the trailer to the Suburban. The first big bump in the road and it was gone. “Hey, that looks like our boat next to us!” Also, backing the boat into the water, and then putting it back on the trailer must have been hilarious for anyone watching at the boat ramp. And I don’t know how many times we had to flag down fellow boaters to jump our dead battery.

Yeah, it was a stressful summer. But it must have been fun as well, because we have a lot of pictures that show us smiling and laughing (see below). More of them than me though. Which gets us back to last weekend’s adventure. Despite temps barely in the 50’s, Tommy was determined to go fishing. So we took the boat out of the storage unit and drove it to nearby Keystone Lake. I won’t bore you with all the details, but when Michelle texted me, “How did it go?”, here’s my response:

Counting down the top 3 highlights of the day:

#3 Losing the boat’s rear seat cushion and life-jackets on the highway. (When we’re pulling the boat, the wind will blow the seat away, unless I put it flat on the floor of the boat. Last year I remembered that every time. Not this time. If you saw a man running along Highway 412 last Sunday carrying a life-jacket and a big seat cushion, it was probably me.) Oh my!

#2 Me: “Tommy (who’s driving the boat), the depth finder says it’s only 5 feet.” His reply: “Dad, the depth finder isn’t accurate.” A few seconds later we hit bottom! Fortunately, it was mud and not rocks. Oh my!

#1 Tommy wants to back the boat and trailer into our storage unit. I’m behind him, guiding him in. “Stop.” He’s headed for the aluminum door of the storage unit next door. He keeps coming. “Stop!” I’m yelling this time. He’s getting closer to a collision. “STOP!!” What comes after yelling? Screaming? Bang. He slams the boat’s prop into the aluminum door. “Didn’t you hear me screaming to stop?” I screamed asked him. “Yeah, I heard you dad, but I thought you were over-exaggerating again.”   Oh my!

Tommy turns 18 on Mother’s Day. For his birthday, he wants to take the boat out again. We’re in for another stressful fun summer. Oh my!


3 Comments on “Anchors Away: My Boating Adventures

  1. Hi Mark,
    I laughed so hard reading this… :)) The photographs look fabulous… an inspiration to keep boating.

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