From The Heart


It’s been quite a week hasn’t it? Bombings, explosions, tornadoes. Death and destruction. Fear and frustration. The news certainly hasn’t been good. Even those of us who live and breathe news, need a break from its tight grip. We need a good weekend.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families in the Boston bombings, the Texas fertilizer plant blast, and those touched by mother nature’s wrath in Oklahoma and points east. For them, the weekend won’t bring any relief from the pain and heartache.

No doubt on this Saturday, millions of people all over the country are looking for a diversion, not only from a week of work, but a week of bad news. For my  wife and I, and many other Tulsans, we did that by starting out the weekend remembering and paying tribute to those afflicted by heart disease.


Thousands of people laced up their sneakers for the annual Heart Walk. We gathered at ONEOK Field and wound our way through beautiful downtown Tulsa. Security was obviously a little tighter, and thoughts were certainly on the marathon tragedy, but the smiles I saw on so many faces was proof of the steadfastness of America’s resolve.

DCIM100GOPROWho knows what next week will bring, but by golly, we finally made it through this one.


Have a great weekend!

Here are some more pictures from the Heart Walk (click on individual images to see full frame):

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