Romp in the Snow


One of the perks for working at a television station is having the inside track in getting your pet’s picture on the air. That’s Jeter, one of my labs, in the above picture.

Whenever we have a snow event, we encourage our viewers to send in their photos. Pets, children, trees, themselves. We love to share them with the rest of our viewers. I got to share this moment I had with Jeter.


It was snowing pretty good when I woke up this morning, and it came down for several hours. Jeter was inside and kept barking at me. “What do you want?” I kept asking him. Then I realized he wanted to go outside in the snow. So I let him out, but he kept barking at the door. “What do you want now?” He wanted me to join him. So I grabbed a coat, beanie, piano and my GoPro, and took Jeter for a romp in the snow.

7 Comments on “Romp in the Snow

    • Thanks. There’s nothing like dogs having fun in the snow. Why don’t cats like it? I’ll have to put my cat out and see what happens….. maybe not.

  1. Too cute, Mark! You have so many good dog pictures that our Salem Statesman Journal keeps printing them. Butters will be in the Oregon paper on Friday, the 22nd.

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