Facebook “Friends” Can Sometimes Be A Royal Pain


Need some more examples that your Facebook “friends” are not necessarily your friends, and interacting with them may not be in your best interest? I’ve come across several recently, including a spelling-challenged “friend” who wants to let me know she’s “horeny” and “turend on”, and one of my wife’s “friends” who claims to be a prince “seeking friendship”.  Who should I start with first?

Ltz bigin weth teh won woo cant spel. I get a lot of private Facebook messages from “friends”. Usually they just want to share something with me they don’t want everyone else to read. That’s great. But every once in a while I get a disturbing one. Really disturbing. Like this message: “I am horeny so I made a pgae go to (link) mihgt have to open sohw you’re oevr 18”. Here’s a screenshot of a few other similar messages:


Two obvious things here. First, this person can’t spell a lick. And second, most likely the links lead to pornographic images, and could possibly infect my computer with a virus.  The solution is pretty simple: just don’t click on the links if you’re not sure you know where they’ll lead to. And then, unfriend that person. Woo needz “friends” lik tht?

Now to the prince who messaged my wife on Facebook. No, not Prince, the singer. And not Prince Harry. This guy’s from some far off country. But who knows if he’s really a prince. Whoever he is, he’s pretty brazen. Many of us accept “friend” requests from people we don’t know. That’s apparently what my wife did with this prince dude. We’ll trash talk him after the screenshot.


Get a life Your Royal Lowness. While I think it’s obvious this prince is a royal jerk, my wife handled it like a diplomat. She gave him good advice, telling him to find “a dating service”. And she was blunt, putting his advances to a halt by saying, “I’m married”. She didn’t hear back from him after that.

You don’t have to step into a bar to hear some good pick up lines anymore. There are plenty of guys (and girls) combing profile pictures on Facebook for vulnerable prey. If you don’t like what you see, click “unfriend”.  That’s a lot like throwing a drink in their face, and walking out. They’ll get the message. Even if they are a prince.

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