You’ve Got Mail (just not on Saturdays)

IMG_9631Sometimes I misjudge the reactions of people. Today was a good example. The U.S. Postal Service announced that it plans to scrap Saturday delivery of your cards and letters to save money. It’s no secret the Postal Service is suffering from financial hemorrhaging, and dropping Saturday service is a move to put a tourniquet on it.

But I thought losing a day of checking what’s in your mailbox would upset a lot of people. Apparently not. I posted the news on Facebook with the question: “Is this a big deal to you?”  While a few of said it is, a vast majority don’t think so. Here’s a sampling of the feedback:

  • “Not for me. 5 days a week is enough. Most of my mail is junk mail. My bills go to my email.” Tammie
  • “Most bills, etc., I pay online and also receive eBills.” Tanya
  • “I figure if anything important is coming it will arrive during the week.”  Kat
  • “Nope. One less day to bother with the mail.” Barbara
  • “It’s won’t bother me. I have been saying for years that they need to cut down to 5 days a week to save money.” Clara
  • “I am sooo glad…Saturday is the day you always receive a bill or letter that needs immediate attention, and you can’t do a thing until Monday.” Annette
  • “Not against having one day less of delivery, just think it should be midweek. With Monday holidays mail won’t be delivered for days.” Janet

With more people using private companies like UPS and FedEx, and shoppers doing business online, Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe says they just can’t compete with convenience. “Since 2008 we’ve seen a steady decline in use of first class mail,” says Donohoe. “People pay their bills online, it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s free, you cannot beat free.” 

Here are the details of today’s announcement:

  • Saturday delivery of mail, such as letters and magazines that are going to street addresses, would end. Delivery would be only Monday through14593396_s Friday.
  • Mail addressed to P.O. boxes still would be delivered on Saturday.
  • Post offices now open on Saturday would remain open on Saturday.
  • Delivery of packages of all sizes would remain the same … six days a week.
  • Officials estimate the cutback would save around $2 billion a year.

You’ve got mail. But starting in August … not on Saturdays.

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