Blizzard Flashback


It’s a beautiful Friday, and the beginning of another month. But can you remember (if you lived in Oklahoma) what happened two years ago today? The above picture is a pretty good clue. Yeah, we were buried in a record-setting blizzard.


More than 14 inches of snow dumped on Tulsa on February 1, 2011, and even more in outlying areas. To make it even tougher to swallow, the temperatures leading up to the snowstorm were in the 70’s!!  And the following week, there was another blizzard that dropped another half a foot of snow, with record low temperatures.  31 below zero in one lucky town!


Two major back-to-back storms that paralyzed the city. The blizzards shut down schools for two weeks, closed businesses, and made roads virtually impassable. I remember it well because I still had to make my way to work everyday, and many of us were forced to spend several days sleeping at the TV station. Not fun, but as they say, “The newscasts must go on!”


After a chilly 12 degrees this morning, Tulsa is forecasted to be closing in on the 70’s by next week. Hopefully that doesn’t mean more blizzards on the way. You never know. After all it is February.


One Comment on “Blizzard Flashback

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