Bedlam Smack Talk

This is a big weekend for college football rivalry games. USC-Notre Dame. Florida-Florida State. Oregon-Oregon State to name a few. Around here THE game is simply called Bedlam. Oklahoma-Oklahoma State.

Like all the others, the Sooners and Cowboys, and their fans are at a fever pitch this week. The smack talk is flying. Here are some tweets on Twitter:


  • “A fire in the OSU library destroyed 50 books last night. The real tragedy is that 40 of them hadn’t been colored in yet.” Heather
  • “What do you call a Oklahoma State football player with a National Championship ring? A thief!” LandThieves
  • “OSU 28, OU 21. It was a dream I had last night.” T. Boone Pickens

One of our sports guys, Rick Pendergraft, is soliciting videos of Bedlam jokes to put on TV. Here’s a couple he had on last night:



And here’s a promo you may have seen on Channel 8 this week:



If you have any CLEAN Bedlam jokes, get out your smart phone, shoot a SHORT video, and email it to me at I’ll send them onto Rick and they may make it on TV.

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