3 Things I Won’t Miss After Election Day

It’s Election day. Finally! We’ve endured a year and a half of promises by the politicians, billions raised and spent to promote the candidates and issues on all the ballots, and the dramatic (and sometimes boring) debates. And now all that’s left is the voting.  Unless you voted early either in-person or absentee (which I did for the first time).

Are you ready to resume life without all the promises, predictions and pundits? So am I. Here are three things I won’t miss after Election Day:

  • The robocalls. The annoying automated messages intensified the closer we came to Election Day. Unfortunately, political robocalls are exempt from the Do-Not-Call List. Thank goodness for caller ID so I could avoid most of them. Occasionally I’ll pick one up if I’m feeling like blowing off some steam. I know there’s no one at the other end, but I feel better when I hang up.
  • The commercials. It’s almost impossible to watch a TV show without a politician popping up on screen.The political ads are occasionally informative, but mostly negative, often untrue, and always annoying.
  • Facebook politics. It’s been a nasty and spiteful campaign. And I’m not talking about the candidates. Please don’t use Facebook or Twitter to preach your politics and tell me how to vote. Or even worse, use social media to bash those who don’t believe the same way you do. That’s a sure way to lose friends or followers.

Those are my top three. I’m sure you can add to the list. Let me know what you won’t miss after Election Day.

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