Back To The Oregon Trail


You know what it’s like to take something for granted until you don’t have it anymore? Michelle and I sure do. We took a short trip to Oregon recently to visit family. I grew up there, and Michelle and I lived there when we were first married. I worked at this TV station during the 80’s and early 90’s:

We moved away 20 years ago for my career. We’ve lived in some great (and not-so-great) places, but nothing as beautiful as Oregon. Rivers, lakes, mountains and ocean. Hiking, biking, skiing, rafting and fishing. Throw in family, and it made a great recipe for a place to grow up and spend the first 10 years of my career. And I (we) took fantastic views, like this one at Crater Lake National Park, for granted:

I was like a kid in a candy store during our trip. I flew into Portland to visit my parents and a sister and extended family who now live outside of Salem in the tiny town of Aumsville.

Minutes from their home is a nature lovers paradise, including Silver Falls State Park where there are many falls and hiking trails like this one:

From there I drove south on I-5 to Southern Oregon to meet up with Michelle. This is where I spent the first 35 years of my life and met Michelle … on a blind date. We were set up by her cousin Charlene Phelps and her husband Mark. It’s a pretty amazing story, which many of you have heard before. 

Besides the day trip to Crater Lake, we spent another afternoon touring a few of the many wineries that have sprouted up in southern Oregon since we left. They’re tucked in along winding two-lane country roads (check out the traffic jam we encountered in one of the pictures at the end) with rivers snaking through the vineyards and mountains as scenic backdrops. Gorgeous! Michelle especially loved it.

 I made a point to stop by where I used to camp and fish as a kid along the upper Rogue River. It was just like I left it many years ago.

And the country store where I bought worms to catch the trout hasn’t changed either.

Or the quaint little eatery across the road famous for its huckleberry pies!

Remember what I said about taking things for granted? Don’t. If you live somewhere beautiful (it doesn’t have to be Oregon), and close to family, take advantage of it because you may not have it someday.


One Comment on “Back To The Oregon Trail

  1. Mark,
    We need to talk fishing. Beautiful pic’s

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