Dog Days of Summer

We are smack dab into the “dog days of summer”. How do I know? Just ask my two labs. They’re hot, tired and begging to come in the house.


For the third straight day Tulsa hit 112 degrees, another record high for the date, and once again the hottest in the country. The heat wave is just about all people want to talk about (even over the Olympics), and everyone’s asking when it’ll be over. Maybe this weekend when the high should only be in the high 90’s (and then right back up over 100 from then on).

I thought I’d go through my photo archives and find some images to help cool us down. It won’t be long before it’s cold again (remember the blizzards of 2011 and minus 30 degrees in Oklahoma?), and we’re dreaming of summer.

Until then, we’re dreaming of winter.

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