Tulsa On Fire (well it feels like it)!

It’s so hot, even my shadow can’t find any shade! We’re on the heat watch again in Tulsa today (Wednesday). Everyone I talk to, from the grocery store to the hairdresser, is asking me to please turn off the broiler outside (I’m paraphrasing a bit). I would if I could.

It’s so hot in Tulsa, that we set records for highest high and highest low … in the same day. Tuesday’s high was 112, following a low of 88. And today we’re building on that. Our local meteorologists and the National Weather Service say Tulsa has a chance to match its all-time record high of 115. That was set on August 10, 1936 during something you may have heard of (or lived through) … the dust bowl.


As a result of the extreme heat:

  • Oklahoma’s governor has declared a state of emergency in all 77 counties because of the extreme drought conditions.
  • There’s a burn ban in place.
  • The city of Tulsa, and several surrounding cities, have started voluntary (mandatory may not be far behind) outdoor water restrictions.
  • And today, the state’s biggest power company is asking everyone to cut back on using their electricity.

We may get a break this weekend. Sunday’s forecasted high? Only 98! We’ll take it.

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