Would Someone Please Turn Off The Oven!

Take a look at those temps on the left. Day after day after day of blistering heat. Last summer Tulsa had 44 days over 100 degrees, hitting 113 on at least one afternoon. July 2011 in Oklahoma was the hottest month in the U.S…. ever. Oh my!

The summer of 2012 is nearly on par with last year. So far Tulsa has 23 days surpassing the century mark, and our weather guru, Channel 8 chief meteorologist Frank Mitchell, says traditionally the hottest days are still ahead of us. Oh my!

As I’m writing this, it’s still 105 degrees. And it’s 8:15 pm! The low this morning was 88. There’s no relief, even at night. To borrow a phrase from Shakespeare (and tweak it a bit), we are truly in the ‘summer’ of our discontent. Oh my indeed!

Here’s a preview of tonight’s late news, which includes, not surprisingly, several heat-related stories:

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