Make Steaming Hot Espresso In Your Own Car

Forget about the frustration of driving around trying to find coffee when you’re on that long road trip. One automaker has come up with a solution. Make your own coffee in your car.

Fiat is installing espresso makers as an option for European customers of its new 500-L. The device will be located in the console between the front seats. So get a little sleepy behind the wheel and whip up a little caffeine boost without letting your foot off the gas. Much easier to stay awake. So will that first pothole you hit, and get a lap full of steaming hot liquid. If you can master that, what’s next? The first in-car french fries maker? If so, count me in.

Here’s what’s coming up on tonight’s late news:

Tulsa’s Channel 8@10 preview 7-16-12

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