Beware of Fake Delta Airlines Phishing Scam

My itinerary says my flight should be leaving tomorrow for San Francisco.  I love The City. The cable cars. Embarcadero. Alcatraz. Fisherman’s Wharf. Golden Gate Bridge. Lombard Street. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Trouble is, I didn’t book a trip there.

Fake itinerary

I received an email yesterday from Delta Airlines showing my itinerary and receipt for a roundtrip flight from New York to San Francisco, leaving Sunday and returning Monday. Last I heard I live in Tulsa, and wouldn’t be in New York City over the weekend to hop on a flight to the City by the Bay. It doesn’t take a news reporter to smell the Pier 39 sea lions from a mile away.

I called Delta to check up on my reservations. The conversation went something like this:

  • Me: “I’m calling about an email I got about a flight from …” 
  • Agent: “(cutting me off) From New York to San Francisco?”
  • Me: “Yeah (thinking ‘She’s good’)”
  • Agent: “It’s a fraud. Don’t open it.”
  • Me: “I take it I’m not the first to call about this.”
  • Agent: “Oh no. We’ve been swamped with calls just like yours.”
  • Me: “How long has this been going on?”
  • Agent: “For about three weeks. And we’re telling everyone not to open up any links, and to delete the email right away.”
  • Me: “Wow. Thanks for the heads up.”

Something smells phishy

Actually this type of scam called “phishing” has been going on for much longer than three weeks for Delta. I Googled it, and quite a few warnings popped up about this since last November. “Phishing” is an effort by scammers to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing personal information — such as a credit card number or an account password. I found that Delta has posted a warning on its website:

These emails claim that you have purchased a Delta ticket, a credit card has been charged and/or an invoice or receipt is attached to the email. If you receive one of these emails, do not open the attachment as it may contain potentially dangerous viruses or harm your computer.

Here’s what the itinerary looks like (I’ve removed the links):

Thank you for choosing Delta. We encourage you to review this information before your trip. If you need to contact Delta or check on your flight information, go to, call 800-221-1212 or call the number on the back of your SkyMiles© card.

Now, managing your travel plans just got easier. You can exchange, reissue and refund electronic tickets at Take control and make changes to your itineraries at

Speed through the airport. Check-in online for your flight.

Flight Information

TICKET #: 46922893707809


Date Flight Status BkngClass City Time Meals/Other Seat/Cabin
—– ————— —— —– —————- —— —— ——-






Unfortunately I won’t be in San Francisco this weekend. I love seafood, but this is one “phish” market I want to avoid.

3 Comments on “Beware of Fake Delta Airlines Phishing Scam

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