Survey: Most Teens Hide Online Activity From Parents

If you suspect your teen is up to some sneaky stuff on the Internet, you’re probably right. A new study by online security software maker McAfee found that 70 percent of teens hide their online behavior from their parents. Here are some key findings in the study:

  • Nearly 80% use the Web to do research for school assignments.
  • 61% of kids play games online.
  • 81% of 16 to 17 year olds have at least one social networking account.
  • 45% of (16 to 17-year-old) boys are most likely to download programs without parental knowledge, or those of X-rated content.
  • 12% admit to giving their cell phone number to someone they don’t know other than online.

The most common ways that kids hide what they’re up to online are minimizing the browser when their parents are nearby (29%), hiding and deleting text messages (20%) and clearing the browser history (21%).

(info: CNN)

“The Secret Online Lives of Teens”

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