8’s The Place Reunion (and late news preview)

Bob Hower, Chris Lincoln, Diana Moon, Don Woods

It was a blast from the past as many former Channel 8 anchors got together for a reunion tonight. Many of you remember Bob Hower, Don Woods, and of course Chris Lincoln, who still works for 8. Back in the 70’s they were known as “The News Guys”, anchoring news, weather and sports. They were joined at the party by former anchor Diana Moon. The marketing slogans “8’s the Place” and “The News Guys” were staples in the 70s and 80s.

Many of us current anchors were also on hand to honor the former Channel 8 news line-up.

Frank Mitchell, Chris Lincoln, John Moss, Kristin Dickerson, Mark Bradshaw

By the way, click on the following link for what’s up on tonight’s late news.

Tulsas Channel 8@10 preview 6-1-12 – YouTube.

3 Comments on “8’s The Place Reunion (and late news preview)

  1. Hey guys, good to see you all still hanging in there…..Greg W.

  2. Am so happy to see all together. Love you all so very much–really were and are part of the family coming into our homes every evening telling us all the latest info and being funny while you’re at it;)

  3. My Mom thought Bob Hower was the most hansom man on TV. I grew up watching Don Woods and Gusty.

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