Top 10 Cities To Be A Pampered Pet

There’s a new list out showing the top 10 cities to live if you’re a pet.  Where are pets pampered and spoiled the most?  According to a report in US News, Arizona cities are very pet friendly. Spending analysis from Bundle suggests Scottsdale spends the most on their pets… about 48 dollars a month.

After all our family does to keep our three dogs, two cats and fish happy, I thought for sure Tulsa would be in the top 10. It’s not even in the top 25. We not only give them all the food they want, and let them sleep wherever they want, we clean up their messes (inside and out) and look the other way when they dig up the backyard. Heck, even the birds are pampered at our house. Once again, I lost the battle this spring and let them build a nursery in my back patio.

Most pets nowadays don’t have to live in one of the top ten cities to be living large. Americans are expected to spend nearly $53 billion on their pets in 2012, according to the American Pet Products Association.  And here’s proof that pets aren’t cheap. The purchase of Jeter or Butters (my dog and cat) is one of the least expensive things you’ll spend your animal allowance on.

Here’s an estimated breakdown for 2012:

  • Food $20 billion
  • Vet Care $14 billion
  • Supplies/OTC Medicine $13 billion
  • Grooming and Boarding $4 billion
  • Animal purchases $2 billion

Americans will spend $53 billion on their pets this year.  Less than 20 years ago (1994), it was $17 billion. Can you imagine how we’ll pamper and spoil our pets 20 years from now? I don’t believe in re-incarnation. But if it did, I think I know what I want to come back as.

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