For Many Workers There’s No Lunch Break

As I’m writing this, it’s my dinner break, and I’m eating my usual meal at work. That’s it to the left. PB&J, yogurt, granola bar and diet Dr. Pepper. Same thing for the past 15 years. Don’t start on me. I’ve heard it all.

Apparently I’m not alone. Eating at my desk, that is. According to research by human resources consulting firm, Right Management, 65 percent of American workers eat lunch at their desks or seldom or ever take a break at all. CareerBuilder, another employment consultant, found that 40 percent of executives take a brown-bag lunch and 17 percent eat fast food.

There are no federal laws which require companies to provide a lunch break, but 22 states have meal-break laws. Oklahoma is not one of them. Experts say workers are more efficient if they have an uninterrupted meal break. They also say it’s healthier. Michael Haid, Right Management’s Senior Vice President of Talent Management, says “We’ve certainly come a long way from the three-martini lunch of a generation ago, but we have to ask if we’ve gone too far in the other direction.”  

I might agree that many employees are better workers if they take a regular lunch/dinner break. Depends on the employee. But healthier? Not always. Have you seen what they eat when going out every day? No thanks. I’ll stick to my PB&J.

3 Comments on “For Many Workers There’s No Lunch Break

  1. Your sister, a hospital nurse, almost NEVER gets ANY lunch break, and works 12 hour shifts with an hour on both ends to connect with the first and last nurse shifts. Perhaps hospitals better wise up for both the nurses’ and patients’ well being! It’s best to take lunch breaks!

  2. I know personally I am much more effective if I eat lunch and have some uninterrupted time to from work. I have worked those 12 hour shifts in nursing. They are tough and often turn out to be 13 to 14 hour shifts. Hospital administration should be taking better care of their nurses.

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