Best and Worst Jobs 0f 2012

Think you have the worst job in America? Chances are you don’t. Unless your job puts you in constant risk for getting hurt or killed. And you’re working for little pay. is out again with its best and worst jobs list. It rated 200 professions using five criteria: pay, outlook, work environment, stress and physical demands. Let’s start out with the top five best jobs of 2012, then get to those bottom five.

  1. Software engineer is on top.
  2. Next is an actuary — which is a consultant that’s brought in to weigh financial risks and uncertainties.
  3. Human resource manager.
  4. Dental hygienist.
  5. Financial planner.

Here are the worst jobs of 2012, according to CareerCast:

  • Lumberjack or logger. Worst, according to CareerCast publisher Tony Lee, because of “hazardous working conditions, a likelihood of breaking or losing a limb on the job, and poor hiring prospects because of low demand for lumber due to less construction.”
  • Dairy farmer. They work “with very large animals that step on their feet and break limbs.”
  • Enlisted military personnel (soldier). “Their lives are on the line, daily.”
  • Oil rig worker. “Put in long, brutal hours.”
  • Newspaper reporter. Broadcaster comes in as tenth worst. Uh-oh.

Click here for more Best and Worst Jobs of 2012.

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