4 Ways Restaurants Get You To Spend More Money

You’ve just finished eating out at the restaurant. The bill comes. You look at it. Shock. “How did I spend that much?”

Many of you will be going out to eat this weekend… especially on Easter Sunday. But when you go, keep in mind for the restaurant it’s a business, and their goal is to make money. I came across a few ways many restaurants may get you to spend more than you thought.

The headline of an article on PlantingMoneySeeds.com caught my attention: 4 Tricks Restaurants Use to Make More Money. Here they are:

  1. Menu engineering is used by many restaurants. The uses of shaded boxes and borders around items on the menu are designed to catch your eye and can increase sales by 25 percent. The word, ‘special’ or ‘new’ can increase orders by up to 20 percent.
  2. Also up-selling. The server is trained to ask if you want to add a side dish, appetizers, desserts and drinks to your meal. All that adds to your bill.
  3. Restaurants use smaller plates on their buffet line, which cuts back the amount of food you can take at one time.
  4. And something as simple as a straw could cost you more. Your all-you-can-drink-for-one-price soda might come with the thinnest straw possible to help slow down your drinking. While alcoholic beverages may have a big fat straw so you finish it faster, and order another one. Cha-ching!

Keep these in mind the next time you eat out. And maybe you won’t be so shocked when the bill comes.

4 Tricks Restaurants Use to Make More Money

One Comment on “4 Ways Restaurants Get You To Spend More Money

  1. Buffets usually want you to drink as much soda as possible because that means less trips to the buffet. I have noticed this especially in Chinese/Japanese buffets where the price of soda is included. It costs the restaurant pennies and is worth it to them if if you eat less crab legs and sushi. The smart buffet eater sticks to water and drinks as little as possible.

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