Central U.S. Cities Have The Cheapest Gas Prices

Grumbling about gas prices?  They keep climbing, and the peak travel season is still ahead of us. But we live in the part of the country… the central U.S. …. that consistently sports the lowest pump prices.

GasBuddy.com keeps track of gas prices.  And look who has the lowest this week?  The cheapest city for gas was Tulsa, followed by Fargo, ND, Billings, MT, and Amarillo, TX. Chicago, though, isn’t cooperating with the trend. It’s leading the nation at $4.56 a gallon.  The next 13 highest cities are out west in California and Hawaii.

So if you live in Tulsa, or one of many other central U.S. cities that aren’t called Chicago… you can still grumble about high gas prices, but don’t complain too loudly. Others have it much worse.

Let me know where you live and how much you’re paying for gas right now.

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