Looking For A Good Password? Don’t Use The Word Password In It

I hate passwords. I know they’re a necessary evil to keep bad people from hacking into my information, but I have trouble remembering my passwords. So I try to make them just easy enough to remember, but hard enough for hackers to guess. I don’t think the password “Password1” falls under that category.

CNNMoney says that’s the most common password used on business systems. Stupid, but logical. “Password1” (of course, without the quotation marks) fulfills the rules for many systems. It has:

  • An upper-case letter
  • A number
  • Nine characters

Security services firm Trustwave found that around 5% of passwords involve a variation of the word “password.” That’s followed by “welcome” with more than 1%.

Want to make your password less guessable and more secure? CNNMoney says:

Adding complexity to your password — swapping “password” for “p@S$w0rd” — protects against so-called “dictionary” attacks, which automatically check against a list of standard words.

Now that “p@S$w0rd” has been used as an example, you might want to avoid that one too. CNNMoney says the longer a password the better. “A seven-character password has 70 trillion possible combinations; an eight-character password takes that to more than 6 quadrillion.”

Do you know what else I hate? Hackers who spend all their time trying to guess weak passwords. They’re forcing me to come up with better and longer passwords I can’t remember. Come on hackers, get a real job.

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