Vote For Me (or at least my Warby Parker glasses)!

My old glasses with one of the suspects

No, I’m not running for office. But I do want your vote (see below). I need your help. In return, it may help you, if you wear glasses, and you’re tired of paying a lot for them. A few weeks ago two of my pets teamed up to destroy my glasses. Butters (the cat) knocked the specs off the nightstand, and Tipsy (the dog) chewed them up. I wasn’t very happy. You can read about it here.

My brand new "old" glasses

I’ve replaced the glasses, even though it cost me quite a bit to do so (I really liked them). But I also want to shake up my conservative day-to-day news anchorman look, without breaking the bank. And when @jmtulsa read my tweet about what happened he suggested I look into Warby Parker. I never heard of him. Her. It. Or whatever a Warby Parker is. So I looked into him/her/it/whatever.

Warby Parker is a fairly new online eyewear company started by four friends. It offers retro-looking glasses for $95, which includes prescription lenses, through a mail-order, try-it-first-at-home program. It’s been written up in The New York Times, and shown on CBS Sunday Morning, so I gave Warby Parker a try.

At I was able to try on dozens of frame styles a couple different ways before buying. First by uploading a photo of myself and doing a virtual try-on. That was cool. Once I narrowed down my choices, WP let me pick up to five frames and it mailed them to me for a free home try-on. WP gives you five days to, as it puts it, “get feedback from your friends/family/BFF/goldfish.” After five days, send the frames back and when you’re ready, give WP your choice, along with your up-to-date prescription, and it’ll send you your new $95 glasses. WP doesn’t do bifocals or progressive lenses though, just single vision prescription lenses using either your distance or reading prescription. I’m going to try them, even though mine are progressive.

My five home try-ons came in a nice case

So here’s where I need your help. Below are my five choices. They’re all pretty similar. Since this is a presidential election year, look them over and vote for which one you like the best. Or maybe none of them. I’ll keep the polls open until March 6th, which is Oklahoma’s primary. And yes, you can stuff the ballot box and vote as many times as you like. I’ll buy the frames that get the most votes.

By the way, for every pair of glasses bought for $95, Warby Parker donates another pair to someone who needs to see, but can’t afford it. I like that.

Vote for #1 if you like this one

Vote for #2 if you like this one

Vote for #3 if you like this one

Vote for #4 if you like this one

Vote for #5 if you like this one

Here’s where your vote counts. Thanks. I won’t let you down. And remember, you can vote as many times as you want until March 6.

2 Comments on “Vote For Me (or at least my Warby Parker glasses)!

  1. The straighter / rectangular the better for your faceshape …1 is the best, but could be refined

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