New Rules Against Robocalls

Relief is on the way from those annoying robocalls. The federal government is cracking down on the automated sales pitches that interrupt your family dinner. I’ve written about my experiences with human telemarketers before (Telemarketers Beware! My Wife May Answer the Phone), and now we’re getting some help with the unsolicited inhuman variety.


New rules

The FCC says it will now require companies to get your express, written consent before they robocall or text you. And telemarketers also will be required to let you opt out of any future calls during their robocall.

Loopholes (aren’t there always?)

There are some loopholes. Politicians and pollsters can still robocall you. Also, the FCC said it’s not changing rules that apply to informational robocalls, such as airline flight updates and school closings. And it’s still okay for companies to call you the old-fashioned way with human beings.

Fight back

So what can you do?  Chris Morran from gave this advice to ABCNews:

  1. Go to and sign up for the Do Not Call list.
  2. Threaten to sue. You have that right and the companies know it.
  3. Never give out your phone number at the check out line.

Despite the new rules, Morran believes marketers will still try to find ways to reach you. “It’s like putting up a dam against a huge wave,” he says.

One Comment on “New Rules Against Robocalls

  1. I feel just like you wife, my daughter-in-law ! No one, but no one, gets past me. However, your wife’s father-in-law is a soft touch.

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