Father’s YouTube Rant Against “Disrespectful” Teenage Daughter

One of our stories this week on the newscast brought up the age-old spanking debate. Canadian researchers reviewed some 80 studies and found spanking was associated with higher levels of aggression almost without exception. That always sparks a heated discussion.

Here’s another form of discipline that’s striking a nerve. A father posted on YouTube a rant against his “disrespectful” 15-year-old daughter. In just a few days, it’s already gotten more than 13 million views. It’s about 8 minutes long, but make sure you watch to the end. Take a look at it, and let me know what you think.



3 Comments on “Father’s YouTube Rant Against “Disrespectful” Teenage Daughter

  1. The father had every reason to be upset. Pretty horrifying to see on facebook that your child would say those kinds of things. However, I thought it was too extreme. Shooting the laptop was over the top, but better he show his anger that way than physically. Posts like this teenage girl made are not only disrespectful, but make her look ridiculous. She was probably trying to look cool in front of her friends. Did it ever backfire!

  2. I thought this was awesome. Parents should be parents and not their childs buddy. All children need to be taught respect and responsiblity. My boys had to get jobs when they turned 16 if they wanted the privilege of driving. They had to pay for their gasoline and their insurance. This DAD is right on. Obviously he had tried other means to get her attention in the past. She is such a spoiled brat, hope she learns a lesson. Barbara

  3. Every parent wants what is good for their kids but this isn’t one of those good things. I know he just want to discipline a disrespectful teen but this won’t work at all. His daughter could possibly become worse after this. Trust me!

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