Movie Snacks Pack on the Calories

The Academy Awards will be handed out in a couple of weeks. That means many of us will be heading to the movie theater between now and then to catch one or more of the nominated flicks. While there, we could also pack on a few pounds.

The new issue of Consumer Reports looks at the nutrition of some popular movie snacks and the results are pretty scary. If you tend to be a little squeamish, stop reading right here. For the rest, here’s what the CR calories count found at major movie chains:

  • Largest size buttered popcorn could reach as many as 1,591 calories.
  • Cheese nachos as high as 907.
  • Pretzels and cheese as many as 1,056.
  • And non-diet soda almost 700.

While you can’t bring your own food into the movie theatre, CR suggests you can control your portions. And you can also downsize on the extras. CR’s Nicole Sarrubbo told CNN, “Opt for things like plain popcorn. We found that you could save about 20 percent of the fat and calories when you skip the butter. Go for water. It’s not as much fun as soda, but your waistline will thank you.”

Consumer Reports also suggests eating a meal before you get to the theatre, so those jumbo-sized snacks don’t seem so alluring.

(Info: CNN)

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