Save Money in 2012

We’re a month into the new year now, and maybe need a little help with one of our resolutions to save more money. There’s no shortage of advice online on how to do it.

I Googled the topic and look what pops up. 5 Ways to Save $1000 a YearTen Ways to Save $1000, even 50 Ways to Save $1000 a Year. Saving money is definitely on just about everyone’s resolution list. Since it can be quite overwhelming, I’ll pick’s Six Ways to Save $1000 Really Fast. Things you can do right away to get back on track. They include:

  • Start tracking your spending right now.
  • Cut out anything in your budget that’s not necessary, like entertainment and eating out.
  • Try to find ways to reduce essential expenses, such as your food budget and power or cell phone bill.
  • Find extra work.
  • Sell some stuff around the house.
  • And pay the minimums on your debt, and put all your disposable income in savings.

Still overwhelmed? Don’t do all of these at once. Try one or two to start your habit of saving money in 2012.

One Comment on “Save Money in 2012

  1. How about simply LIVING within your means. Don’t spend yourself into debt, and never rely on those plastic cards to bail you out or extend your ability to pay “in full”. Everything should be PAID IN FULL each month, except your largest expenditures, like house, car, and LARGE appliances. And don’t buy a bigger house than you really NEED. Don’t “keep up with the Jones. They may be over their heads in debt to make a good appearance. Live simply. “Things” don’t make happiness.

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