Pets Team Up To Trash Glasses

I like my pets, but they can be expensive. In more ways than one. As you can see from the pictures, I’m having a little tougher time seeing today. And I can thank one of my dogs and one of my cats for that. They teamed up to destroy my eyeglasses this morning.

I stumbled upon my chewed up frames with one of the lenses missing on the bedroom floor. I don’t normally leave my glasses on the floor, so how did they get there in that condition? Sometime during the night, Butters (the cat) knocked the glasses off the nightstand. She probably played with them awhile and forgot to put them back. Then later, Tipsy (the dog) spied them, sharpened her teeth on them, and the rest is history. I wasn’t happy.

This isn’t the first time Butters and Tipsy have tag teamed. Butters will often knock things off the counter for Tipsy to play with, eat, and sometimes destroy. Eyeglasses, food, TV remotes, perfume, hair brushes, toothbrushes and even medicine, to name a few. I had a headache this morning (I wonder why) and put a couple of aspirin on the kitchen counter. Within a few minutes, Butters jumped up, knocked the pain relievers to the floor with her paws, and she and Tipsy were popping pills (I grabbed them before they could eat them).

“Don’t get mad at the dog and cat,” my wife told me. “They don’t know what they did.” She’s right. How can you be mad at something that can’t remember what it did ten seconds ago? “It’s your own fault,” she added. “You should have put your glasses in the drawer.” Now, that’s taking it a bit too far, I think. I’ll remember that the next time the dynamic duo team up to destroy one of her expensive pumps. “Should have put them in the drawer,” I’ll tell her.

Here are the mug shots of the two suspects:




What are some things your pet has destroyed?

3 Comments on “Pets Team Up To Trash Glasses

  1. Hey Mark. I can relate! My dog Jinx, a Cocker Spaniel, ate shoes, decorated the living room with toilet paper, and too many other things to mention. Charlie, my folk’s Schnauzer, stuck Christmas candy to the carpet, and looked at it, like, “WHAT?”

  2. Our little black schnauzer, Sammy, would NEVER do such things. He’s a perfect gentledog. In fact, he even goes to church with us every Sunday—-like today. I’m sure he must hear the singing and the sermon from the car. Butters and Tipsy need a revival.

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