My 85 Year Old Mom Catches Tebowmania!

Think there’s nothing to this Tebowmania? Friday afternoon, on my way to work, I called my elderly parents who live in Oregon. After a few minutes chatting about life and death matters (my father has had several cancer surgeries recently), the conversation quickly turned to what else … Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos’ game against the New England Patriots Saturday evening. Picture this: my 90-year-old dad and 85-year-old mom sitting in front of their TV set, yelling “Go, Tim, go!”

What’s remarkable about this? My mother doesn’t watch NFL football. Ever. But here’s how a

Chris Schneider/AP Photo

portion of the conversation went:

  • Me: I’m interested in talking to people who normally wouldn’t watch an NFL game, but now because of Tebow they are.
  • Mom: I would be in that (category). I couldn’t care less… Tomorrow is supposed to be the most watched football game.
  • Dad: And it’s largely because of Tebow.
  • Mom: Entirely.

The NFL must love Tebowmania. His overtime heroics last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers was the most-watched television show since last year’s Super Bowl. His 80-yard TD pass set a Twitter record for a sporting event. And politicians want his endorsement. But lost in all the numbers, its brought the non-fan, like my 85-year-old mother, into the fold. They’re watching, not for the X’s and O’s, blitzes and hail Mary’s, but for the same reasons many of them tune into their favorite soap opera show. The characters. The plot. The drama. And “As The Tebow Turns” has it all.  It’s a soap my mom has memorized.

  • Mom: First of all, he’s an amazing person. He is a Christian. He’s a survivor at birth. His mother didn’t abort him, and it came close. He’s an outstanding football player. Maybe not the best. The fact that everything is 3:16 now. Everything he does is 3:16.
  • Dad: And Tebow, as he bends down his knee.
  • Mom: I hate it that the other players mimic him (the Tebowing), but it brings to light what he’s saying and what he’s doing.

Tebow’s Broncos aren’t expected to win. They’re a two touchdown underdog against the Patriots. An upset, with another image of Denver’s QB “Tebowing” at the 50 yard line, would send Tebowmania to uncharted territory. And a loss?

  • Mom: I would be disappointed to a point, but not surprised if they lost.
  • Me: So you will be sitting there watching it?
  • Mom: Yeah, even me.
  • Dad: And that’s a little amazing right there.
  • Mom: That’s one thing that I really, you know, basketball fine, but football, it’s got to be right pertinent for a reason. I will watch it.

Tim Tebow is the reason the NFL can add one more person to its fan base. Enjoy the game mom!

Here’s a portion of my Tebow talk with my mom and dad:

18 Comments on “My 85 Year Old Mom Catches Tebowmania!

  1. Mark,

    This Is Sarah Williams (Daughter of Jim and Pat Wilson KAJO Radio). Your dad was my Pediatrician for years.. My mom is living with my husband and I now and I just showed her the picture of your folks. She has many fond memories of them.. My husband and I lived in Denver for years and are so proud of Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Please tell your folks hello from the Wilson’s..

    • I will Sarah. And I have great memories of listening to your dad every morning before going to school. Take care.

  2. Inspirational story Mark! I just sent it to my niece in Denver… now you will “go viral” among Bronco fans!
    Darold Hutsell… Medford

  3. Wow Sarah! Tell your mother “Hi, for us!” She is one terrific woman—-a real lady!! I loved her—-and your Okie dad radio announcer, too. A handsome couple! Didn’t he originally come from Oklahoma? he was the best radio announcer I’ve ever heard! A natural. What a man! He became a Christian the same time Doug did. Better late than never!!!! I guess it took Tebow to make us connect again. Go Tebow!!!!! Yes, I’ll be actually watching football today. Maybe they’ll even pull out a miracle again.

  4. I can see that I better watch what I say on Mark’s phone calls to us from now on. Ha! You never know when you’re being recorded!!!!!!

  5. Let’s have a reunion here. Sarah, I remember your Dad fondly in those 60’s and 70’s years growing up in Grants Pass. We ALWAYS listened to Jim Wilson & Elzie Parker on KAJO Radio before walking to catch the school bus in Jerome Prairie. I have often wondered how these two fine folks are through the years. I think they were the best in the business. I loved hearing the hymn of the hour, too. I, too, have loved Dr. Douglas & Sue Bradshaw for many years, and went to school with their kids. I’m not a long standing avid football watcher either (but my wife, Kim, is) and I have been getting excited, too, about Tim Tebow. What a great young man and role model he is, and he’s not ashamed to share his faith in his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Go Tebow!!!!! We’ll be watching here in San Diego.

  6. What a treat to see your dad and mom’s photos. Dr. Bradshaw was my pediatrician. Your mom plays the piano so beautifully. I heard about Tebow by reading Dale Docken’s “share” on FB. We live in Accra, Ghana, so Ed listens to the radio version of the games. Couldn’t believe how it all happened, the 3:16 events. Not a coincidence. People can know God blesses those who follow Him and are not ashamed of who they put their faith in. Go Tebow. God bless his family, too, and you for writing about it. I just learned John 3:16 today in Ghana Sign Language–from a Sign Language Bible translator. Yeah! So cool. Thanks for sharing your folks. They are wonderful people. Your dad spoke at our junior senior banquet for New Hope Christian School. We love your dad and mom. Wish we knew you, too. Maybe some day. Dayle for Ed and Dayle Lauber. Check out our FB page called Heart Languages if it seems interesting.

    • It’s great this made it all the way to Ghana. It sure is a small world. Thanks for the nice comments about my parents.

  7. Yay Mrs. Bradshaw! We love her and of course Mr. Bradshaw. What a blessing to have them in our church here in Salem, OR. She usually plays a special on the piano most Sundays and she never misses a step, playing quite elaborate notes. I think she often uses the entire piano in her songs. Im the songleader so she likes me to give her a list of hymns were singing so she doesnt duplicate in her special. Were so thankful to have the Bradshaws here and still serving the Lord. Got to meet a bunch of their family on Doug’s 90th birthday a few weeks ago at our church (dont remember if u were one of them Mark). Very cute to see her interested in Tebow, nice to have someone in the NFL thats a good example of a Christian and not a “thug”. One football fan commented that Tebow should just shut up about Religon and just play football-well Tim wouldn’t be where he is w/out the Lord and so glad he’s not ashamed of it!

  8. Mark, your interview with your Mom was so special to read. Our kiddos surprised us with a new laptop computer so I can now skype with your mom and listen to your broadcasts!! Bob starts work tomorrow at OHSU after being off awhile after his safe return from Iraq.

  9. Your mother is lovely! I can envision the twinkle in her eye as I read your interview…

    • Thanks for the nice comment Elisa, and for following my blog. I checked your blog out, and read about your fabulous California trip. It made me homesick.

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