New Weight Loss Plan For Dogs and Cats

People aren’t the only ones who pack on a few extra pounds during the cold, winter months. So do our dogs and cats. One of my Labs, Jeter, LOVES to camp out in the kitchen. No problem when the weather is nice and he’s outside burning off some calories by swimming, walking, running and riding his bike. (Okay, maybe not that last one.) But when the pool’s closed, the temps are below freezing, and there’s snow and ice on the ground, he starts to lose his six-pack.

January is not only when we make our resolutions to lose weight, now Purina and Jenny Craig are making it possible for our pets to slim down as well. They’re calling it … Project Pet Slim Down. As the website says: “If you and your pet are both looking to get to a healthy weight, you can be each other’s strongest allies.” I came across this on, so it must have


some merit to it. Here’s the skinny, according to CR:

This “weight loss journey” comes with exercise tips—dog tag, obstacle courses—and discount coupons for Purina Veterinary Diet, which you must buy through a veterinarian. After asking your vet if your pet would benefit from the program, you can register your overweight dog or cat for free and track its progress as well as your own. You can also share your pooch’s successes or failures onFacebook.

As for your own diet and fitness, Jenny Craig will throw in a free 30-day support program—but you pay for the food.

Now if I can just get Jeter to quit raiding the fridge late at night. Better yet, go on a fish diet like my cat.


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