Tim Tebow Passes on Endorsing GOP Candidates

Like it or not, Tim Tebow is on fire right now (and why I’ve been blogging about him recently). And it’s no surprise “more than one” of the Presidential candidates want a piece of Tebow-mania. After all, if you can get Jesus Tebow on your side, you’ll be automatically swept into the White House.

But Tebow isn’t playing along. From the Associated Press:

Sensing the excitement and loving his message, Tebow is also being courted by Republican presidential candidates. The quarterback recently told The Associated Press he’s been asked by more than one of the contenders for his support. He wouldn’t name names, but did say he’d declined the offer.

“I think you have to have so much trust in who you support, just from product endorsements to endorsing a candidate because if that person or company does something (bad), it reflects on you,” said Tebow, who’s a pitchman for Nike, Jockey and FRS energy drink.

Maybe having Tebow in your huddle isn’t such a sure thing in politics. I recently wrote that Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann have compared themselves to him. Bachmann is now out of the race and Perry looked only slightly better in New Hampshire (1 percent of the vote) than LSU did in the BCS Championship Monday night (0 points).

Right now (at least until Saturday when the Broncos play the Patriots) a lot of people think Tim Tebow should be our Quarterback in Chief. Sorry, he can’t run (or pass) for President. He’s not eligible. Tebow is only 24. The Constitution says you have to be 35. Tebow in 2024?

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