Touchdown Toss Sends Tim Tebow Tweets Higher in the Record Books

Tim Tebow celebrating after beating the Steelers Chris Schneider/AP Photo

The Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow not only beat the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, he topped Beyonce. Twitter announced today that Tebow’s 80 yard OT TD pass that stunned the Steelers surpassed the singer in second place for inspiring the most tweets per second.

Twitter made the announcement with this tweet: “Last night @TimTebow lead the @Denver_Broncos to an overtime playoff win and new sports Tweets per second record: 9420.”

9420 tweets per second (tps). I don’t tweet a lot, but even I was all a twitter in Tebow fever, and was inspired to write something Tebow-related that was more than 140 characters.

During the 2011 MTV Music Awards live show, tweets peaked at 8868 tps when Beyonce announced she was pregnant.

Here’s how the Hail Tebow pass compared to other notable events in the past year, according to CNBC’s Darren Rovell:

  • The Royal Wedding/ 3966 tps
  • Osama bin Laden’s death/ 5106 tps
  • Steve Jobs’ death/ 6049 tps

The Tebow-inspired tweets didn’t set an all-time record though. That belongs to a Japanese movie. It prompted 25,088 tps in December. That’s seems impossible to beat, but it’s early, the NFL playoffs just got started. Let’s see what happens this weekend when Tebow takes on the Patriots.

3 Comments on “Touchdown Toss Sends Tim Tebow Tweets Higher in the Record Books

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