2011: My Look Back

We’re waving goodbye to 2011. Once again the year was packed with memories. I don’t know about you but I’m thankful I don’t have a crystal ball to see the future. We had the coldest and snowiest winter, hottest summer, and deadliest tornado… ever. It was certainly a rough year. But it wasn’t all bad. There were also rewards, challenges and humorous incidents that gave me good material for my blog. And much of it was handed to me by my three boys and wife. Thanks for reading my blog this year. Here’s a look back on some of my pictures, with links to the stories behind them:




Why were nearly 200  teenagers in our garage on New Year’s Eve? Thank you Jacob. And Facebook. It was also the night of “The Cat in the Drawer”.

February’s weather was in a word… brutal!

Brutal weather put to good use.

 I’m reading about something really important in the Wall Street Journal.

Valentine’s Day really stunk!

One of these two guys is a soap opera star.

Joplin. Enough said.

So cute! So messy!

Dave and Jan Sandell

The 50 Year Club!

Life sure is expensive. Thanks a lot Trooper Billy!

Life is expensive (Part 2). My cell phone bill.

Budget cut!

Real Housewives of Orange Country. Drama!!!

That thing next to the dime is really small. And really painful!

Honeymoon picture … 22 years ago.

August’s weather was in a word… brutal!

We love to ride our bikes when it’s 113 degrees. Ok, one of us does.

The night I was supposed to throw out the first pitch.

A few surprises at the Tulsa State Fair.

Dad is 90!

The BCS Coaches Trophy is in the house. Will it go to OU or OSU? Uh, neither.

Why is Tommy holding up four fingers?

  Bedlam beat down!

Tommy’s Christmas list! It hit me like a cattle prod. Or a taser.

The Christmas card we DIDN’T send out. Here’s the one we did.

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