Bedlam Beat Down

A couple of months ago I asked my youngest son, Tommy: “Would you want the Oklahoma Sooners win the national championship or the Union Redskins (his high school) win a fourth straight state championship?” That was back when both teams were in the thick of the championship hunt. Tough choice, I thought, because he’ll be our third at OU in a few years. But his answer was instant: “Union, dad.”

The Redskins pulled out a thriller against the Broken Arrow Tigers, 23-22, on Thursday at OSU’s Boone Pickens Stadium. Two days later, on the same turf, his Oklahoma Sooners were embarrassed by the Oklahoma State Cowboys, 44-10. Maybe embarrassed is too mild. More like humiliated.

In Channel 8’s pregame Road to Bedlam special outside the stadium, my co-anchor Kristin and I gave our reasons for which team we’re rooting for. She’s an OSU grad and former All-American athlete there. I didn’t go to OU, but said my heart is where my money goes. And a lot of my money is sitting in the bursar’s office down in Norman, Oklahoma. I have two boys going there now, and a third on the way. I’m a major donor to the University of Oklahoma. That’s why I root for them.

But I also said I like both teams, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if OSU beat OU (I sure hope my oldest boy, David, didn’t hear that. He’d think I was crazy.). But I NEVER imagined the Sooners would get beat by that much. Good luck to the Cowboys in their BCS Bowl Game. Most likely it’ll be the Fiesta Bowl, but there’s a slim chance it might be the Big One. We’ll know tonight (Sunday).

For the most part Bedlam was a working day. We did two newscasts and our Bedlam special in Stillwater. But I did get to spend a little time on the sidelines and snapped a few game photos.


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